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Are you a beginner in Last Battleground Mech or are you looking for an instant way to win in Last Battleground Mech? you are lost in the right page.  Last Battleground Mech created by Elex, Last Battleground Mech is the game Action, was first launched on Oct 01, 2017, and was last updated on Aug 21, 2018. After the Last Battleground Mech have been update, Last Battleground Mech be a little different, so, we will help you play the Last Battleground Mech, by give to you what you want about Last Battleground Mech, we will give you all the info of Last Battleground Mech, tips and tricks in playing the Last Battleground Mech and Last Battleground Mech APK OBB DATA version v.3.3.0.



Last Battleground Mech is a 5V5 online Multiplayer Mech Shooter game. It has very impressive Mech Control, you will learn to fight here. In this game, you will move a character who is like a real human, to kill existing enemies, rob the energy cube, call and pioneer your own mech. This is an amazing 5V5 shooter game. You will feel the invincible mech and the power of the mech that will never run out, with your fingertips.

To defeat your enemies, you can use heavy weapons like missiles. By removing heavy weapons such as missiles you will see the earth burned on the screen of your smartphone. You have to be good at using various strategies and tactics to defeat the enemy team.

Last Battleground Mech is a free game and is included in the in app purchase category, so you have to really spend real money to buy certain items.



In this game, you play with many other players from all over the world, you will be placed on an island, and to win the game you must be the only one who survives.

The game only lasts a few minutes because the safe zone will shrink after a few minutes. You have to stay in the zone, see the map on the screen, don’t let you get out of the zone.

Determine the right landing place, do not land in an open space, land in the area of ​​the houses that look quiet.

After landing you must quickly do not waste your time, because if you jump without clothes and weapons, you have to find your own equipment, go to the nearest empty house, and get equipment.

Do not just take weapons, note you must have short-range weapons, medium-range weapons, long-range weapons.

There are three game modes in Last Battleground, including thrones, colleagues and teams.

In one game you will fight at least 40 other players.



ABOUT  Last Battleground Mech APK v.3.3.0
OS: Android 4.0.3+
Category: Game Action
Headquarter Country/Region: N/A
Content Rating: 12+
In-App Purchase: Yes
Install: 10,000,000+

What’s new in the latest version:

In the latest version you will find many different things from previous version, because they (Elex) have added bombs to use weapons at Tech Mode, and you will find flash bombs and smoke bombs in battle royale. If previously you were not satisfied with the action of a grenade throw, Elex had increased it, this was even more interesting. The battlefield performance is also getting better, because they have improved it. Elex also added the 1st-person Pech in Mech Mode. New maps in mech mode are also available now. In the previous version you saw damage to the frag grenade, you will not see that again, this has all been fixed.


  • You can choose a unique and complete mech
  • Many Human Forms, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, etc.
  • Find Many Meches and Weapon Combos.
  • Create your own playing style.
  • You can join the Epic Ranking Battles.
  • Challenge you from all over the world.
  • You can make your own guild and guide them to be number one.







Step 1 : Allow unknown source installation (if this has been allowed, go to the next step)

Go to Setting > Security > Unknown Source

Last Battleground Mech Mod apk 1

Step 2 : Extract File that we have downloaded

Go to Internal Storage > Download > Last Battleground Mech Tapongame | Then Extract This file using winrar or file manager

note: (This is a default place download i do not know where you put the download file, you just need to open, then extract it)

Last Battleground Mech Mod apk 1

step 3 : Open Last Battleground Mech Apk

Go to your extract file folder > Last Battleground Mech.apk | Just open it and install it

note: After installation has finished, do not open the game, do the next step before.

Last Battleground Mech Mod apk 1

step 4: Pastecom.elex.lastbattlegroundsurvival folder to obb

Go back your extract file folder > hold on the com.dts.freefireth folder > move or copy it > paste it into Internal storage > android > obb

Last Battleground Mech Mod apk 1

step 5: enjoy the game



Last Battleground Mech apk obb

Last Battleground Mech apk obb

Last Battleground Mech apk obb

Last Battleground Mech apk obb

Last Battleground Mech apk obb


Last Battleground Mech MOD APK

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