Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK (Android Get Unlimited Money)

Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK – Candy Mobile is one of the Mobile game developers who have been creating lots of games. Game created by the developer is arguably the game has always been a sought after by lovers of the game. One of the Games hosts by Candy Mobile also succeed is Gunship Strike 3D. This game is a battle action game helicopters using weapons as well as a strong engine complete with missiles. To play this game, it will be necessary to use strategies in the weapons that can be used to destroy the enemy. When you play this game when the new, then you will be given guidance on how to deploy combat helicopters and destroy enemy military bases.  This game is a combination of tactics, skill to fly the proper amount of weapons at once while playing a helicopter that you drive.


Gunship Strike 3D Information

OS Android 4.0+
Category Action GAME
File Size 20 Mb
Latest Version 1.0.9
Developer Candy Mobile


How to Download Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

  1. First click download Gunship Strike 3D mod apk button above!
  2. After that you will see a new page to download Gunship Strike 3D mod apk.
  3. Look for the green button with Gunship Strike 3D mod apk, then click the button!
  4. If there is a notification from your browser, click OK! => then the download process of Gunship Strike 3D mod apk will begin.
  5. Wait until the download process of Gunship Strike 3D is complete!


How to Install Gunship Strike 3D MOD APK

  1. So you have downloaded Gunship Strike 3D mod apk, you already have all the ingredients needed.
  2. First open the download folder and find the Gunship Strike 3D file !, by default the folder is in Storage => Download. But if you use UC Browser, the download folder is in Storage => UC Browser => Download
  3. After you find the Gunship Strike 3D file, open the file!
  4. If there is a notification like this “unknown source you are sure you want to install this”, then you need to allow installation of unknown sources. To do this go to Settings => Secutiy => Unknown Source. Then return to Gunship Strike 3D files then try reopening!
  5. After that, click install! and wait for the process to finish. If the process is complete you can delete Gunship Strike 3D files, but if you don’t delete them then recommend your friends better: D.
  6. Turn off your internet connection, Go to the smartphone menu! , open Gunship Strike 3D !. If Gunship Strike 3D requests an internet connection, activate your internet!


Gunship Strike 3D Screenshots

Gunship Strike 3D mod apk
Gunship Strike 3D mod apk
Gunship Strike 3D mod apk
Gunship Strike 3D mod apk
Gunship Strike 3D mod apk

Review/Description Gunship Strike 3D

Android games developed by developer named candy this mobile is a fun game to play. Gunship Strike is a 3D fighting game with helicopters equipped with weapons that modern super can. Used to destroy the enemy. This game is included in the category of action games, but will also not play as easy as imagined. In this game you should be able to set up a sniper strategy so that it could destroy the enemy while their own hiding places.

The games Gunship Strike 3D is a game that will feature lots of action and explosions. This game also requires players to fly a helicopter in the event of war. Players must also be able to defeat the enemy forces are spread along the beach passing combat helicopters that drive. In the helicopter that later you jump in the already there is weaponry. You can attack the enemy with such weapons even use missiles if needed.

How to play Counter-strike 3D Gunship is actually quite simple by avoiding the enemy missiles and destroy all units on land, sea, and air. You must destroy everything ranging from Cannon, fighter aircraft, ships, lookouts, vehicles, and so on. By completing a mission that already given in this game, you will receive the gold that later can be used to unlock new weapons or helicopters.

It is certainly important in this 3D game Gunship Strike. It certainly will make the weaponry you have the more powerful that it could also offset the enemy who will be getting stronger each time. What’s in the game with this action genre you will also have more than 40 playable levels. Although the levels at the beginning of the game look easy, but there are situations in the longer game will be more difficult. So if you haven’t upgraded your weapon or not has a new weapon then it could be just the weapon that you have yet to defeat the enemy.

In-game Gunship Strike 3D, you’ll find two game modes i.e. mode Battle mode and Boss. At the time you play Mode Boss and it will put the player against a stronger enemy and more challenging. Of course it will be great fun when played. What’s this game also presents a level of realism that is very good because the 3D modelling and texture quality. Existing environment also has a good diversification, as well as various types of terrain and vegetation.


Gameplay Gunship Strike 3D

Talk about gameplay in the game Gunship Strike 3D, the gameplay in the game is considered really cool and is designed in a way that is so fantastic. In this game you will be able to see the view from the top because of your role as a shooter from combat helicopters. In this game you can shoot the enemy below even that was hiding. In this game you are required to shoot the enemy position under you, be it on land or at sea. In the mission that you are running, then you are also assigned to destroy the military bases of enemies. A helicopter ride and has a variety of advanced combat gear that you can control.

You can even have new weapons you can buy with the amount of money that you can get from this game. Of course you can buy weapons support you against the enemy. To move this game you do not rely solely on a joystick that is on your mobile phone. But the motion sensor on the phone will also affect the movement of combat helicopters. At this game you can enjoy the many missions could even to have 40 more levels. Surely you must complete one by one the mission given by always upgrading weapons which belonged to offset the power of the enemy.


Featured Game Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike 3D action games including one that arguably very successful and much sought after by our users. Not only that, the games Gunship Strike 3D is also you can get for free on the download size Playstore also is relatively small when compared to the other action games that already exist. Gunship Strike 3D has a download size of only 17.01 MB only. In the game you can also find a variety of interesting items and can be found in the mission. But if you want to have even more items then you can also purchase them through IAP.

Android games Gunship Strike 3D arguably have the look that looks real and realistic 3D action fighting helicopters. The player must launch offensive later to the most dangerous terrorists from a helicopter that was already equipped with various weaponry. Gunship Strike 3D makes the player will be in the Chair of the shooter combat helicopters are the most strong and tough. You can launch attacks using weapons or missile pi towards your enemy. Play games Gunship Strike 3D this can make lovers of the game as if it could get into the game. Even this game also require the players to be able to combine the skills of flying tactics to defeat the enemy at once.

The graphics are displayed also is very interesting, you can enjoy the game and really feeling like in a battle. Design in the game is also designed with a stylish look with lighting that could make you clearly see what is around you. The animation shown is also very nice, this shows that the developers have thought about it carefully. The movement posed in the game also looks very smooth so it feels very fun when played. Certainly a nice graphics it into positive things that could make the gamers enjoy playing this game despite a long day.

Talk about the background sound or song back in the game was also presented with an interesting and very cool. This makes can make players feel more alive when fight and blends in with the game. The sound effects are given on the games Gunship Strike 3D is worth a thumbs up because it sounds very unrealistic. The sound of the gun firing on the enemy when generated and the sound of helicopters flying in the air is designed with luminous by the developer.


Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for Gunship Strike 3D

In this 3D game Gunship Strike you will be required to complete a mission in a way of attacking the enemy using combat aircraft that is filled with weapons. Of course the Mission in this game is to destroy all the enemies that exist either on land or at sea. In this game you can use several types of fighter aircraft that you can buy. Then, it would be nice if you buy more fighter aircraft that have a lot of weapons. It will facilitate you in doing battle when will destroy your opponent.

In addition, it’s also important to do an update on the weapons that you already have so that its ability will increase. Even if you have enough money you can buy new weapons so that the type of weapon that you have increasingly diverse. It will also serve to strengthen the air raid that would do. It is important to do because at the level of the next mission will be faced with more and more difficulty levels are also increased. In addition, enemies also could have been a missile fired from all directions which is not suspected. Therefore, in addition to should be able to attack you must also always sprightly to avoid rocket shot from the enemy.

Game controls in Gunship Strike 3D is not much but arguably good enough though is quite complicated. This game can also be played smoothly, so every part of the game feels good because of the convenience provided by the control of this game. It certainly brings its own advantages to the player if the control can do easily. The control there is also pretty responsive so as to make the gameplay in this game is very fantastic moment played out.

Control system in Gunship Strike 3D even though it is easy to use but also relatively complicated because you have to use both hands at once a motion sensor on the device. Motion sensors in the game is used to control the tendency of the helicopter. While usually touch control is used to move the helicopter itself as well as doing the shots on all your weapons. However this game but still easily playable at once became a very game series to be played. What’s this one war game you can play offline so that it can be played whenever and wherever.



This 3D game Gunship Strike will suit you, who love the game battle with graphics. It could be said that this game is the most exciting helicopter games battle worthy for you to play. Set thy war strategy as best as possible so that later could destroy opposing ships that attack mu are insistent. With stunning graphics and effects in gem this Gunship Strike 3D, will not make thee quickly bored when playing it. What’s here you will become level 40 + mode you can finish complete with fighting against the boss. Of course this game is suitable for leisure while killing boredom.

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