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WWE Immortals Mod Apk – WWE Immortals is a game created by the developer named NetherRealm studios and designed by a team of Mortal Kombat. In this game you will find the characters of the WWE wrestlers from the previously existing one on the console versions which are then given the strength and form of a mystical fantasy world. The existence of this game then the developer has produced a free quality games with micro transactions in the Apps Store and Google Play. Although the game was labeled the world wrestling Entertainment, but you will not find a wrestling game. Later you will even enjoy a game fight (fighting) are not at all follow the rules in wrestling like pinning, submission, to fight at the top of the ring, the use of the referee, and so on. We will fight like in-game fighting in General, while the winner will be determined if the opponent had run out of HP.


WWE Immortals Information

OS Android 4.1+
Category Action GAME
File Size 1400 Mb
Latest Version 2.6.2
Developer Warner Bros. International Enterprises



How to Download WWE Immortals Mod Apk

  1. First click download WWE Immortals mod apk button above!
  2. After that you will see a new page to download WWE Immortals mod apk.
  3. Look for the green button with WWE Immortals mod apk, then click the button!
  4. If there is a notification from your browser, click OK! => then the download process of WWE Immortals mod apk will begin.
  5. Wait until the download process of WWE Immortals is complete!


How to Install WWE Immortals Mod Apk

  1. So you have downloaded WWE Immortals mod apk, you already have all the ingredients needed.
  2. First open the download folder and find the WWE Immortals file !, by default the folder is in Storage => Download. But if you use UC Browser, the download folder is in Storage => UC Browser => Download
  3. After finding the WWE Immortals file, you need to extract the file (You can use file manager, or applications like WINRAR and so on). If you have successfully extracted it, then you will find 1 apk file and 1 folder with the name “com.sdkfjkds.sdkjf” there.
  4. The next step, open the WWE Immortals.apk file!
  5. If there is a notification like this “unknown source you are sure you want to install this”, then you need to allow installation of unknown sources. To do this go to Settings => Secutiy => Unknown Source. Then return to WWE Immortals apk file then try opening again!
  6. After that, click install! and wait for the process to finish.
  7. After the process is complete, don’t open the game! Return to download folder => Extract file! Then move the com.sdkjfklsd.dskjfklsd folder to Storage => Android => Obb
  8. If the process is complete you can delete WWE Immortals files, but if you don’t delete them then recommend your friends better: D.
  9. Turn off your internet connection, Go to the smartphone menu! , open WWE Immortals !. If WWE Immortals requests an internet connection, activate your internet!


WWE Immortals Screenshots

WWE Immortals Mod Apk
WWE Immortals Mod Apk
WWE Immortals Mod Apk
WWE Immortals Mod Apk
WWE Immortals Mod Apk


Review/Description WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals no longer tells the story of a hero against his enemies with wrestling techniques. In addition, the developers have also managed to clothe the characters became WWE mystical beings. Told that early in the game, the other a natural Middle open so that it changes the form of the athletes of wrestling. Although their form has changed, but the wrestling tournament will still take place but with a different strength. In this game the player must assign a team that will be composed of three wrestlers to face the enemy AI or other players online.

The difficulty level of enemy AI will be increasingly difficult in accordance with thy ranks. The battle system is manifested in this game arguably quite simple according to the capacity of mobile gaming. NetherRealm seemed deliberately not using a complex control such as a fight in game there in General. How to play can also be said to be quite easy to learn. You will have the stamina meter that later can be recharged while already exhausted., as already filled with enough then you could describe a special attacks. All the moves that are in the exact same Immortals with WWE games WWE originals, of course with the addition of effects and animation scene.

In WWE Immortals later will you find a paid facilities that can be used. This is certainly very reasonable considering this game you can download for free with your cell phone. Existing transactions can be used to purchase a wide variety of cards consisting of the characters the fighter to be used to upgrade equipment. Type characters are divided by levels Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The characters are derived from the level of Gold has three times the strength statistic is greater to the normal character of. The number of characters in this game tend to be a little bit, because the amount is not more than twenty WWE roster. Even so, the famous WWE roster like The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, and others remained in the game.

You can’t arbitrarily when wants to play any character, because in WWE Immortals there is some Collectible Card Game elements. Every character you get will be symbolized by a card. Like the Kane portrayed card has enough spooky face, a pretty-faced Trish Stratus, or John Cena that is very similar to the superhero. How to get the card could be by way of using gold or buy it with a gift directly from the mission that you have already completed. But in this game it’s very little gold obtained from each mission the player’s card while the price is quite expensive. Therefore it would be better if you use gold just to upgrade skill cards only.

To add happy while playing WWE Immortals, at the end of each chapter you will be welcome to fight the boss. A boss that must be combated in shape is simply a card but has HP and damage the extra large. That’s why, when you fight it and you have to be extra patient and extra careful if not want to direct the battle. It became the most memorable challenges in this game because of the difficulty level is high enough. In the face of an ordinary mission, every opponent will feel easy to be solved especially for you lovers of the game fighting.


Gameplay WWE Immortals

If you had previously played game injustice Gods Among Us a mobile version, then you must have felt that the gameplay WWE Immortals exactly the same with the game. Starting from the way you used to do weak attack can be done by way of a tap of the screen, strong attack with a swipe of the screen, double tap way to fend off then hold, or issue a special move with tap special button in the bottom left screen. Even a battle formation there are also exactly the same i.e., play three against three by the computer.

If you do tap the screen then it will result in an attack which is quite weak. Whereas if you rubbed a certain direction, it will produce a more powerful attack. Attack and receive attacks from opponents will fill the stamina meter you have. If later the stamina meter is sufficient then the characters that you can use these special attacks. If you choose the right character, then you can get an extra special attributes such as an additional defense, attack, or attack speed enhancements. If you want to move from one character to another character, the trick with just tap the photo you want the character to the left of the screen.

WWE Immortals using the system for each character’s stamina during the match. It is applied to limit the number of battles conducted within each time period. Each character only has 10 stamina, on every fight done then it would reduce one’s stamina. If you want to replenish stamina which is up, then the player can buy them with money or simply let the Warriors rest. By having many characters it will be very useful in the game because you get to play longer.


Featured Game WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals being able to present a dazzling imagination was presented by a team of developers in designing the characters. Every character in the WWE Immortals depicted not as an attribute of each wrestling but portrayed with a very medieval attributes fitting when worn by the character. Not only creative, but the sharpness of a graphic that is in the characters and environments are also classified as good. Kick-kick as issued by the character, using a mix of wrestling techniques with a kick that is very interesting to see.

The main attraction is presented in the WWE fantasy factor is that Immortals are presented very interesting for every character there. Although the number of characters that are there are not many but you can find a variety of costumes unique to each player. It certainly will make the muscular wrestler looks the more dashing. Controls that are embedded in this game is very efficient and easy to be played by anyone. Certainly it will make it easier for you, first time playing this game.

Although in this game do not carry the theme of wrestling Character, however you can still perform movements such as wrestling a chokeslam, clothesline, or piledriver. Sometimes the character of yours will do a kick like Sheamus that later can be a magical hammer pulled out suddenly from her hand, Kane who was able to burn the enemy, Daniel Bryan that is capable of issuing a hurricane, or The Undertaker who is able to rise from the dead. Kick-kick on any such figures could arguably well suited to fighting mechanism combined with in-game WWE Immortals.


Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for WWE Immortals

The type of attack that is in the WWE was divided into two Immortals attack i.e., attack weak and strong attacks. If it’s in the game, you can give three blows in a row then the player will have the opportunity to give a special attacks. Chance attack can appear when you are persisting, i.e. when replacing characters used. Players should already be prepared to withstand attack after using the Adrenaline Rush. If it later appears red marks above the heads of the enemy then the player has to be ready to fend off the attack.

In WWE Immortals you can use characters like Daniel Bryan best bronze that is capable of delivering a painful attack because it has a high attack power. The dark Sorceress Paige who had special abilities to increase adrenaline members of his team when Paige finished waging a special kick. Giant Big Show that is capable of acting as a tank all at once receptive many attacks while increasing strength. You can buy these bronze characters so that it will support thee in this game.

In addition to the bronze characters, to support the match mu in WWE Immortals then you can get the character of silver and Gold. Growing the game, then the player will reach the level of the character of Silver and Gold. The character Silver obtained actually is pretty good but not the ultimate goal of the game. Coin owned should not much was spent for investment grade Silver. After the coins collected already a lot then it is time get a character class Gold. You can Invest all over the coin you have for gold class so that it can gain greater strength in the game. Because the coin you have is limited in number so it is better if you have the best character class of silver and gold. You can choose good quality wrestlers like John Cena, Dark Soldier Sorceress Paige, King of Kings Triple H, Angelic Knight Trish Stratus and Necromancer Undertaker. Look at the statistics and the passive ability of characters to understand why these characters are the best.



Games developed by NetherRealm features gameplay that is interesting enough to be played. You will not find a wrestling game but will instead find a fighting game. In this game you will find WWE character who becomes a sentient mystical so will get a different strengths. To play this game you will use the energy system, in addition to each character you can only use as much as 10 times. So the more characters you have then it will increasingly also you can play.


WWE Immortals Original

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