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Are you a beginner in Rules Of Survival or are you looking for an instant way to win in Rules Of Survival? you are lost in the right page.  Rules Of Survival created by NetEase Games, Rules Of Survival is the survival game Action, was first launched on Des 30, 2017, and was last updated on Oct 10, 2018. After the Rules Of Survival have been update, Rules Of Survival be a little different, so, we will help you play the Rules Of Survival, by give to you what you want about Rules Of Survival, we will give you all the info of Rules Of Survival, tips and tricks in playing the Rules Of Survival and RULES OF SURVIVAL APK OBB DATA version v.1.199989.201366.

Rules of Survival is a free action game with the Battle Royale genre. This game also has a mechanic that is quite perfect like an FPS game, so you can feel more realistic sensations from this game.



Rules of Survival have 3 features of matchmaking, namely solo, duo and squad. When you start the game, you and 120 other players (not computers / these are genuine players all over the world) will be dropped on one large platform, with the aim that you have to kill each other, and the ones who are themselves the winner of this game. After being dropped, you must quickly and deftly find equipment to fight, because if it’s too late to take weapons, your condition will be severely threatened.

Before you are brought down by the island, you will wait for other players to be ready and truly numbering 120 people. When waiting for you to be placed on an island, you can try the weapons that are there for training, ranging from common weapons to even rare weapons.

After all there are 120 people, you will board the plane to get to the island of death, you have to go there. after successfully landing, you must kill each other, or defend yourself into the last standing on the island. Look at the map on the screen, there are your positions, and the white circle, you have to stay in the circle, it’s a safe zone. If you are outside the white circle area within the prescribed time limit, you will receive DPS which is getting sicker and longer depending on the size of the circle.



Check the control scheme

In any game, the first thing we should do is check the game’s control settings. Even in the Rules of Survival, make sure you tweak the settings so that you get settings that make the game more comfortable. For example, driving a vehicle in the Rules of Survival by default using a mouse, if this is not convenient, it can be replaced by using a D-Pad Style (WASD).

Choose the best drop place

Like battle royale games, the choice of the place to drop your character becomes an important choice. For beginners in battle royale games in general and the Rules of Survival in particular, it’s best to learn how to control the parachute well and learn how far the parachute is able to bring your character to where you are headed. You can choose to go down in the middle of the map, the risk is of course that you will be faced directly with other players, or choose to dive in a rather remote place so that you have enough time to collect a capable weapon loot.

Prioritize certain loot

What was the first thing to do when it made it to the mainland? Of course looking for loot! The first item you must get is a backpack, why? Because the backpack will increase the capacity of items that you can carry. With the backpack, you don’t have to choose what items you want to carry.

After getting a backpack, the next is a helmet and armor. With these two items, you will be a little safer exploring the map in the Rules of Survival. Furthermore, of course getting weapons. The ideal weapon set in our opinion is 1 melee weapon such as shotgun and SMG and 1 rifle weapon that has a scope. For a shotgun you might be able to use WRO Hunting, rumors that this weapon is one of the best shotguns in the Rules of Survival. While rifle weapons, this may depend on the preferences of each player. The important thing is to try to find a scope, so that your rifle will be more powerful.

The door and loot are traps

In the Rules of Survival, when you will enter a house, the first thing to do is of course to open the door, then start guerrilla looking for loot scattered around the house. However, do you know? The action that you did just now is a big risk, why? Because you don’t close the door! If the door opens, it indicates that there is another player inside the house.

Just imagine if there was a house with a closed door, then there was a player who came in and found that there was a backpack and armor in the middle of the room, usually the player would rush to the item because in his opinion an important loot like backpack and armor, most likely not it will be abandoned if another player has been found, we can use this kind of psychology. We could just wait in one corner of the room or in one of the rooms, and get ready to shoot other players who came.




ABOUT  Rules Of Survival APK v.1.199989.201366
OS: 4.0 and up
Category: Game Action
Headquarter Country/Region: CN
Content Rating: Teen
In-App Purchase: Yes
Install: 10,000,000+

What’s new in the latest version:

In the latest version of RULES OF SURVIVAL you will find an HP increased vehicle and Improved sighted fire in Death Race Mode. They also added snipers, ghillie clothes and smoke grenades. Gold mode is also modified. Added permanent features including the Weekend Rush portal. You can view content before claiming by tapping Weekend Rush reward boxes. Problems and errors in the previous version have been fixed.



  • Very fair game with high map quality.
  • The best game The last person survives.
  • Three modes of matchmaking: solo, duo, squad
  • Message feature, and voice call
  • Very complete firearms and accessories
  • Vehicles that can be used on the battlefield







Step 1 : Allow unknown source installation (if this has been allowed, go to the next step)

Go to Setting > Security > Unknown Source

rules of survival apk mod 2

Step 2 : Extract File that we have downloaded

Go to Internal Storage > Download > Rules Of Survival Tapongame | Then Extract This file using winrar or file manager

note: (This is a default place download i do not know where you put the download file, you just need to open, then extract it)

rules of survival apk mod 2

step 3 : Open Rules Of Survival Apk

Go to your extract file folder > Rules Of Survival.apk | Just open it and install it

note: After installation has finished, do not open the game, do the next step before.

rules of survival apk mod 2

step 4: Paste com.netease.chiji folder to obb

Go back your extract file folder > hold on the com.dts.freefireth folder > move or copy it > paste it into Internal storage > android > obb

rules of survival apk mod 2

step 5: enjoy the game




rules of survival mod apk

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