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My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk – My Talking Tom is a Virtual Pet that is in the game and created by developer Outfit7. The basic concept of the game is actually the same is the case with the famous Tamagochi in 1990. This game makes you as an owner of the cat, where you take care of this cat as possible. In this game you can keep your cat happy with thy feed him, take him to the bathroom, and told him to sleep. My Talking Tom 2 generally retains the same basic functions with applications Talking Tom Cat. It’s just party developers doing some updates to existing features. So this game will give you more things to do with tom, and gives you more of a role as the owner of a cat.


My Talking Tom 2 Information

OS Android 4.1+
Category Casual GAME
File Size 95 Mb
Latest Version
Developer Outfit7


How to Download My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk

  1. First click download Traffic racer mod apk button above!
  2. After that you will see a new page to download Traffic racer mod apk.
  3. Look for the green button with Traffic racer mod apk, then click the button!
  4. If there is a notification from your browser, click OK! => then the download process of Traffic racer mod apk will begin.
  5. Wait until the download process of Traffic racer is complete!


How to Install My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk

  1. So you have downloaded My Talking Tom 2 mod apk, you already have all the ingredients needed.
  2. First open the download folder and find the My Talking Tom 2 file !, by default the folder is in Storage => Download. But if you use UC Browser, the download folder is in Storage => UC Browser => Download
  3. After you find the My Talking Tom 2 file, open the file!
  4. If there is a notification like this “unknown source you are sure you want to install this”, then you need to allow installation of unknown sources. To do this go to Settings => Secutiy => Unknown Source. Then return to My Talking Tom 2 files then try reopening!
  5. After that, click install! and wait for the process to finish. If the process is complete you can delete My Talking Tom 2 files, but if you don’t delete them then recommend your friends better: D.
  6. Turn off your internet connection, Go to the smartphone menu! , open My Talking Tom 2 !. If My Talking Tom 2 requests an internet connection, activate your internet!


My Talking Tom 2 Screenshots

My Talking Tom 2 Mod
My Talking Tom 2 Mod
My Talking Tom 2 Mod
My Talking Tom 2 Mod
My Talking Tom 2 Mod


Review/Description My Talking Tom 2 

As already illustrated clearly in its title, a character that exists in applications this 2 Paint the Talking Tom cat-shaped gray. Cat character in this game at the designs very cute so that every user has the desire to play it. In this game you get to pinching, stroking and playing with Tom who became your virtual pet. In addition, with an adorable face facial owned by Tom, we will not be bored when playing it.

In General, in My Talking Tom 2 there are some activities we can do time-keeping Tom as a virtual cat. Play, feed, into the shower, and sleep is a variety of things you can do with tom and could make her happy. Like the previous game, to do all such things only need to use the tap gestures. For example, if you wanted to rub a Tom then simply by swiping a finger across the body of Tom wish to rub. Likewise if you want to feed the then only need to shift food towards the mouth of Tom, as well as other things.

In this game we can see the indicators for various things that are still lacking or already full. If the entire indicator already indicates it if Tom is fine. If it finds there is an indicator that is less, then that’s the time we gave Tom a little of our attention as she needs. The development of the My Talking Tom in game 2 could also be seen from the level we already accomplished. In this game we will also know the description of the size, age and experience (XP) which is owned by Tom.

The most fun and exciting, not only do we get to play with tom just as tempting. We can also decorate or replace the accessories that can be worn by Tom in a game My Talking Tom 2. Tom’s appearance can also be dressed with feathers, hat, glasses, and other things that could be applied to tom. Tom’s room you can also change your liking like the color of the walls, bed linens, bed, etc. Availability of goods will also be more in line with the level that we have accomplished. The higher the level of us it will be more and more accessories to choose from.

To get a wide range of accessories you want, we have to buy it with a coin. Some of the accessories that can be given to Tom as a football Uniform, nor make Tom look like a police officer, a pirate, a construction worker, as well as being a Coboy. To get gold coins that can be used to buy food or accessories we can buy it or get it for free. If you want to get it for free and you can play as often as possible My Talking Tom 2 and login every day.

Not only that, if Tom already feeling bored then we can invite Tom to play games that are in My Talking Tom 2. In this latest version, you can find a variety of mini games that can be played. This game can be played whenever you want so that in addition to playing with tom you can also play in a variety of mini games. Of course with the presence of the latest in a series of mini games makes players are also not easily bored because of the variety of games can be done in a single application. In fact, tom also has a reminder function which will work if he was up to bed.


Gameplay My Talking Tom 2

In the game of My Talking Tom 2, you only need to take care of a virtual cat yours named tom with as best as possible. You can give tom’s food when she was hungry, or at the time the dining bar shows about 20% and it is red. There are many different types of food that can be provided ranging from fruits, vegetables, fast food, drink and food specials. The food can you give if you already bought it with gold coins are obtained. All meals have a starting price of up to 3 coins 20 coins depends by the type of food.

Not only feed him, you can also make him feel happy with him playing in mini games available. A variety of mini games you can also try making it while playing My Talking Tom 2 you also won’t feel easy to get bored. Can also scratched or rubbed on the body of tom to give him pleasure aside from the mini games. Surely if tom already owned pleasure bar is red and you should do a game with it so that the bar will be filled again.

Not only that, you also have to invite tom to the bathroom to her hygiene. In the bathroom in My Talking Tom 2 you can also wash the body of the cat mu with a sponge then rinse with water directly from the tap that exists above.  With the washing then tom will awake hygiene while also maintaining his health. By the time tom had already felt exhausted and you can take it to the bedroom. After that turn off the lights which stay there with all of them so that Tom can rest. The percentage of beds at tom’s bar will go up by 1 percent every minute of it when put to sleep.


Featured Game My Talking Tom 2

In both series, you can change the appearance of a cat you by buying accessories in the shopping cart part of the wardrobe. That’s where you can buy various types of hats, Eyewear, lingerie even a pair of eyes. But surely there are some items that can be purchased after you have reached a certain level. Not only influential with the level but you must also have a number of coins which was enough to have these accessories. Therefore, the cats yours level up then the ride also change stage in cats. Beginning of the game My Talking Tom 2, your cat will be on the Stage of the Baby, and will rise to the Stage Toodler, continue to Stage Kid and so on.

My Talking Tom 2 indirectly already trained dexterity and thoroughness you to take care of and keep tom so that he is always in good condition. Because in this game you are required to always be consistent when caring for tom. Things to do each day starting from feed, bathe, to clean up his body. If not then tom can starve, and the whole bar being empty so he doesn’t feel happy. In addition, the features provided in the game My Talking Tom 2 also quite numerous and interesting to play.


Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for My Talking Tom 2

In this game of course gold coins is very necessary so that you can still live a virtual cat yours. It is because the food that is needed should also be purchased using gold coins. To get a free gold coins, the easiest way to do is you can get it by opening the application every day. Later, if every day we open the application then we can get 25 gold coins free of charge. Any you do push notification that has been accepted, then you can get an extra 200 gold coins.

In the Mini Games that are on My Talking Tom 2 you can get coins that can be used to buy necessities from tom. If you want to get a lot of coins at a time then we recommend you play Cats & Cans namely, guessing where cats hide from yours in the trash bin. If you can reach a high enough level so that you can get coins also will more and more. However if you feel difficulty when playing mini games which it then you can try the other. But of course coins obtained will not be as much with the game already mentioned above. So if you want to get a lot of games you have to play it often.

If you want to raise the level of in-game cats Exp My Talking Tom 2 and can be obtained from the time you clean it up, feed him, encouraged him to play as well as his sleeping time. In order for the exp level owned can rise faster again you can buy furniture that have EXP boosters and be seen with a sign like “x 0.2” or “x 0.4” to boosts its multiples or change its appearance. Surely the whole of the furniture you can get with it on your gold coins you can get during the game.

In doing My Talking Tom game 2 it’s good if you treat your pet as tom is actually. Therefore you must feed regularly with tom and gave him the range of food available. The character of tom in this game also need food in order not to feel hungry and his indication bar to red. Give him food with regular daily is required so that his health was also still awake. Bathing and encouraged him to play is also the thing that must be done in order to make tom feel always happy.



This game matched in play by children because it has the kind of game that is lightweight and easy to do. But of course if you are an adult and want to play it certainly will not be his fault because this game is pretty fun to try. But however to raise a virtual cat named tom may require a patience and time briefly. It is because your every day should take care of this cat so as not to feel hunger and still feel happy.


My Talking Tom 2 Original

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