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Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod Apk – Sport this one known as the most popular in all parts of the world, to be enjoyed by all ages and various backgrounds be it men or women. No matter the origin of its existence, regardless of race, class, caste, all United in a sphere the community thanks to a sport called football. Not only in the world of sports, even in the gaming world also participated to feel the impact of the great numbers of sports on this one. Years, the publisher and developer in the world compete in creating a simulation game of football like a Dream League Soccer. Dream League Soccer including one game of football that has many fans especially from among lovers of the game of football.


Dream League Soccer 2019 Information

OS Android 4.4+
Category Sports GAME
File Size 357 Mb
Latest Version 6.03
Developer First Touch Games Ltd.


Download Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod Apk

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How to Download Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod Apk

  1. First click download Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk button above!
  2. After that you will see a new page to download Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk.
  3. Look for the green button with Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk, then click the button!
  4. If there is a notification from your browser, click OK! => then the download process of Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk will begin.
  5. Wait until the download process of Dream League Soccer 2019 is complete!


How to Install Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod Apk

  1. So you have downloaded Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk, you already have all the ingredients needed.
  2. First open the download folder and find the Dream League Soccer 2019 file !, by default the folder is in Storage => Download. But if you use UC Browser, the download folder is in Storage => UC Browser => Download
  3. After finding the Dream League Soccer 2019 file, you need to extract the file (You can use file manager, or applications like WINRAR and so on). If you have successfully extracted it, then you will find 1 apk file and 1 folder with the name “com.firsttouchgames.dls3” there.
  4. The next step, open the Dream League Soccer 2019.apk file!
  5. If there is a notification like this “unknown source you are sure you want to install this”, then you need to allow installation of unknown sources. To do this go to Settings => Secutiy => Unknown Source. Then return to Dream League Soccer 2019 apk file then try opening again!
  6. After that, click install! and wait for the process to finish.
  7. After the process is complete, don’t open the game! Return to download folder => Extract file! Then move the “com.firsttouchgames.dls3” folder to Storage => Android => Obb
  8. If the process is complete you can delete Dream League Soccer 2019 files, but if you don’t delete them then recommend your friends better: D.
  9. Turn off your internet connection, Go to the smartphone menu! , open Dream League Soccer 2019 !. If Dream League Soccer 2019 requests an internet connection, activate your internet!


Dream League Soccer 2019 Screenshots

Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk
Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk
Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk
Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk
Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk


Review/Description Dream League Soccer 2019

First Touch Games is an independent game developer that issued the gaming mobile Dream League Soccer as one of its flagship franchise. Dream League Soccer itself is a football simulation game will introduce you the how to be a manager and build a team. You’ll start from a small team and play in the lowest castes, into a star-studded team and can play in the top tier in a League. In addition to being a manager, you also run the game as a whole team in a match. In this game not available difficulty levels, based only on the ability to cultivate the team. If the higher competition, followed by the players, it will be increasingly difficult opponent also faced.

Dream League Soccer Players demanding to be able to manage all the needs required by the team in the entire competition followed Wade. A variety of objectives that have been determined to be achieved during the season by the team management. Thy task as the player is to make his team to be the best in a variety of competitions. You must specify the identity of the team by doing a variety of changes ranging from logos, the colors of the costumes, and the team name corresponds to the identity that you want. All of these can be done in menu Customize Team.

In this feature, players can import costumes that are already provided with the PNG format. You only enter the URL of the image into the field provided then will be processed up to can be used as extra costumes that can be used in-Game. In addition, if you are still in the game feel less satisfied with what’s been gained then the Player can do the Training. It can be done if you feel less familiar with the game system in this game, and want to practise in order to better moments of the match. Menu-a menu of training that exists in the Dream League Soccer include: Free Training, Free Kick, Corner, and a Penalty Kick.

Later, you will be faced with a variety of competitions ranging from the lower classes to the highest. There will be 6 official competitions in the Dream League Soccer, ranging from the Academy Division, Division three, Division 2, Division 1, Division, Elite Academy and the Elite Division. The competition including competition sized deciduous (Cup/Knock Out). In order to confront opponents tougher, then you should make a strong team. The transfer Market will be instrumental in terms of strengthening the team because it could produce a more competitive squad. You can buy a dream player by utilizing the existing coins, as well as selling the old players to earn extra coins. The higher caste competition that followed it will be increasingly higher qualifications of players needed.

In the Dream League Soccer, you can adjust the search criteria system. If you later want to realize a dream squad with players such as top-tier contains Ronaldo or Lionel messi then had to fight extra hard get coins. It because they just want to play at the highest level of competition and must be purchased at a price which is pretty expensive. In addition, all of the star players in the Dream League Soccer have been wearing standard FIFPro. It indicates that the statistics will be identical to the original capabilities that exist in the real world.


Gameplay Dream League Soccer 2019

For the moment the Dream League Soccer could arguably be the game’s most popular and widely played by lovers of the game of football. It was because the gameplay that is easy to play and a great graph quality with a lightweight application data. In addition, the Dream League Soccer also can be played offline or online. If you play offline against BOTS will be equivalent to the level of ability and you guys. While if playing online then it will connect with the real player which is also equivalent to the ability of you guys.

In the game Dream League Soccer you can buy coins using real money that can be used to build a professional football team. However, if you do not want to buy it so you guys can get coins by means of diligent playing. If you want to build a strong team then here’s how to buy players international, to build the stadium, hired a coach to squad you guys and so on. At the beginning of the game you will enter into the bottom Division so we have to continue to play for against the enemy that is already scheduled in the League followed.


Featured Game Dream League Soccer 2019

Game manufacturer issued by First Touch this Games you can download for free at Google’s Play and the AppStore, as well as available also for Windows Phone. All files in the game was integrated in the size of about 400 MB just so it won’t take up a lot of memory storage in your smart phone. Even more fun, you can play the Dream League Soccer this online as well as offline. If offline you can play against BOTS, it would certainly be more saving quota as well as smart phones battery life is yours.

Dream League Soccer is a breakthrough game that is simple but rich with a variety of exciting features in it. As a novice Developer that does still have classes with different kind of studio EA or KONAMI, First Touch Games capable of presenting a game that basically does not lose quality in the same segment for the Mobile version.  This game proved to be able to compete up to could be in an upscale joint football games earlier each year. Dream League Soccer will provide an experience that is different in interpret a football team. You will understand how the rigors of management in building a team starting point low until could be a team that could be at the peak of its former glory.

Dream League Soccer have a pretty charming Graphics, plus it has an .ost file that is also good to be heard. Plus you can hear the sound of the sound effects in the stadium supporters and commentators who speak in United Kingdom. In addition, a database of club and soccer players from the top leagues in the world with Dream League Soccer also very complete as it does existing games on consoles Play Station or the XBox. This game also has a gaming system and fluid at once engrossing gameplay. In addition, with the Android specification 1.3 Ghz Quadcore and 1 GB of RAM you can already run this game pretty seamlessly on your mobile phone. Although when compared to other games of the resulting graph is still substandard however, the performance of the resulting game is quite satisfying.


Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for Dream League Soccer 2019

If you want to rise to the higher League quickly then we suggest you buy players with more ability than having to upgrade on each player that will take longer. You can also sell/buy players on the transfer and then select the favorite player of you in accordance with their abilities. So do you buy the wrong player, adjust to the needs of the team of yours. If you want to buy with a high class and you have to play so many times until the corresponding League and coins used are already adequate.

But you still will not be able to qualify for the higher division if there are elements that you cannot fill. Although it has managed to become a champion and go into the ranks of the teams that will qualify for the competition over, however, if the stadium used do not qualify will also not be able to. Therefore it is indeed required to upgrade the Stadium in accordance with the capacity of a standard that’s been set for the team that will go in a higher division. Therefore, you also need to work hard so they can win every game for the sake of got bonuses that can be used to upgrade the stadium.

The other thing to do is go to the Team Management, this part is very important because it serves to improve the performance of the player. If there are players in a match later mu who feel exhausted and you can get in on this menu and restore energy. Even if there are players who are injured you can also use this menu to cure it. Therefore do not let you forget to always go into here each finish against opponents in a match. In the game Dream League Soccer you can set the player to attack or defense. How to change it quite easily, you just choose at the moderate. Not only that, you can also set up thy liking Formation or whether it 4-2-2 or 4-3-3.



Dream League Soccer game this is one of the many soccer games favored by the gamers especially sport lovers of football. The movement of the players in this game are also not stiff making it easier when doing a control player. The ability of the players, the names and skill, so you should also have a football team. As a player you can build your team in accordance with the desire of yours and was able to recruit players with great ability. In this game you will feel how to be a Manager in a football team that should prepare the various purposes in his team. Of course these things will make you feel different sensations in this soccer sports game.

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