Summoners War Sky Arena – Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Hints,

Summoners War Sky Arena Top 25 Tips Cheats Strategies and Hints

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Summoners War: Sky Arena is the newest cellphone RPG for its iOS and Android platforms — and hey, even if that new Amazon phone goes someplace, it might appear there also.  Just saying.  Anyways, this is one of the most addicting of this genre however, with plenty of unlockable creatures and buildings (yes, there’s even a town construction component), and much more ways to create your group a force to be reckoned with.

To accelerate conflicts, place them on 3X and automobile mode.
This can speed you through roughly 90 percent of conflicts, particularly together with targeting, but for demanding conflicts, healing spells will not be used when targeting is utilized, so your very best option is to return into manual mode.

Have a minumum of one healer in your group.
Fairy is a fantastic bet as you begin the match with her.  Power up your healer as far as possible.  In Fairy’s situation, she’s both a tank and a healer, so place her at front and boost her stats as large as you possibly can get FAR more of a fighting chance from the harder battles.

Evolve your critters when they reach the most experience degree.
Amount them up with their maximum level with power-ups and employing the experienced gained from conflict grinding.  Then you’ll have the ability to evolve them with a blend of material monsters which are exactly the exact same rarity (star rating) as the gaining monster.

Engage in the Arena as frequently as possible for enormous benefits.
The more you engage, the more stadium points you receive.  Hit on the “weekly reward” column to learn what you will earn at your present position, and what you are able to make at higher rankings.  You are able to make huge quantities of crystals (the red gems) such a way, and when you rank and points are large enough, you may even make rare creatures as a reward.

Summoners War Sky Arena – Top 25 Tips, Cheats, Strategies and Hints,

Maximize your defenses to make arena glory and points without even needing to do anything.
Proceed to the Summoner Tower and also place a solid team on the shield, but ensure that they’re also an extremely diverse team so that you are able to knock off all manner of unique groups.  Be certain that you have the most quantity of Arcane Towers since they’re able to do area damage to all creatures on your opponent’s staff in conflict.

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