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Summoners War is an remarkable new game launched on the iOS platform by Com2us, challenging us to learn the craft of creature summoning, fighting and evolving against other critters within an RPG design that borrows several mechanisms for classic card games.  To put it differently, an epic game which you certainly like, and one we are going to speak about in our final strategy guide, stuffed up with Summoners War cheats and hints that will assist you to get the most from the sport, both at the single player missions, in addition to the stadium.

So let’s not waste any moment and let us get this began with the first portion of the Summoners War hints and strategy essay!


1.  Learn the abilities of your critters
Should youn’t need to recall components, recall the colours and consider the arrows over the heads of these enemies: green is good, yellow is adequate, red is poor.  Regarding the colours of the critters, this rule implements: Red is powerful contrary to yellowish, yellowish is powerful against blue, and blue is powerful against red.  Always understand what creatures are strong against what creatures and use them so.

Attacking all of the enemies on the area isn’t a fantastic strategy.  Rather, concentrate on carrying them one at a time: a monster compared to is murdered and does no harm is much better than three creatures with 1 wellbeing.

3.  Utilize the special strikes ASAP
Normally, each creature has a special attack which wants a few or a couple of turns to recharge.  To be able to maximize the usage of those strikes, begin your struggles together, so that they fill up till you get to some other monster and you’ve got enough time to really utilize them over once or twice a point.

4.  Power-up your critters
There’s actually no need to maintain the 1 star critters around because they’re fairly useless, so rather use them to accelerate your three star or even more critters.  It is correct that they’ll level up obviously through conflict, but sometimes you simply have to provide them an additional push, so visit the Power-up circle and power-up the critters.

5.  Add more friends

Friends are incredibly helpful in Sommoners War, so be certain that you include as many as you possibly can!  It is possible to come across requests from folks enjoying the sport in the general chat section, or you may use Facebook to include more friends.  Then, you must stand up to the Social Points to utilize the Social Summon a whole lot.  You are going to be becoming not so good critters, but at least you will find a lot of stuff to power-up and evolve your present ones.

6.  Take buddies into battle!
Another excellent use for getting buddies is that you’re able to take their chief monster to conflict and find that excess monster electricity in your side.  And as you’ll just take to combat those buddies whose animals have the largest degree, be certain that you level up and place as the chief that the monster with the maximum degree and greatest stats.  This really goes perfect with suggestion #5.

7.  Complete the Daily assignments
It is fairly hard to finish all of the everyday assignments, but attempt to and you’ll find a great deal of excellent rewards.

8.  How to accelerate your critters faster

A simple way to accelerate your critters would be to replay levels which you’ve previously finished, but take the buddies’ monster with you.

9.  Perform the Arena frequently & Learn How to choose your enemies
Playing at the Arena is something that you ought to do as frequently as possible since there are wonderful rewards awaiting you personally, such as plenty of Crystals, dependent on the position that you get.  Learn how to pick the easiest enemies (those with the fewest swords amounts) and continue attacking.  This way you can keep getting things and expertise for your own monsters.  Additionally, the higher your position at the close of the event, the greater your wages will be!  Do not forget to also have a look at the amounts of these critters you are going to be fighting against to know precisely in the event that you’re able to conquer the enemy!

Summoners War Cheats Tips & Tips for the Ultimate Strategy Guide

10.  Build all of the Arena defenses out there!
To be able to raise your odds of successfully defending from the Arena, you need to be certain that you purchase all of the defenses available according to your own level.  These small helpers can definitely turn the tides of a struggle, and you would like all of them on your side!

Part 2 is coming shortly with 10 more innovative pointers that will assist you to get the most from this game so be sure you’ll check back shortly!

UPDATE: We’ve printed the next element of the strategy manual, be certain that you test it out here for even more tips and suggestions!

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