new Update Clash Royale 2017 (4)

NEW Update CLASH ROYALE :Bonus,Secret Deck,and new Clans

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Coming at the next upgrade…CLASH ROYALE

    Unlock Additional Battle Deck slots at Level 8

new Update Clash Royale 2017 (4)
Bonus information:

Invite friends to a Clash Royale buddies list (a societal networking link is no longer needed to possess in-game pals!)
Invite friends Right to your Clan
Clans currently unlock at Level 1 (card asks nevertheless unlock at Level 3).
Copy decks out of TV Royale and common replays

new Update Clash Royale 2017 (4)
New Rare Card: Flying Machine
New Common Card: Skeleton Barrel
Every new card will start with a Special Challenge!

Bonus information:

New Challenges forthcoming: “Sudden Death”, “Ramp Up” and “Triple Elixir”
Watch out for the gold notification on the Tournaments tab!

SNEAK PEEK #3 – New 2v2 Game Modes!

Summer of 2v2 is arriving with all new 2v2 match modes!
2v2 Friendly Battle, 2v2 Draft, 2v2 Challenge!
AND, beginning shortly, collect chests along with friends and family in a 2v2 Battle!

new Update Clash Royale 2017 (4)

A “2v2” button will appear on your own Clash Royale primary screen shortly after another update has came
With this button you’ll be able to invite a buddy, Clanmate or set along with a random Internet friend to play with a 2v2 Battle for chests, Victory Gold and make Crowns to your Clan Chest and Crown Chest!
The button will initially be available for seven times – as a test run to ensure it all works properly
Supplying everything functions, which we are expecting it will, we aim to deliver the button back to the entirety of July (aka, “Summer of 2v2”)

new Update Clash Royale 2017 (4)
Our aim with this particular week and also month-long 2v2 button fiesta would be to observe exactly how you, the gamers, consider it and finally decide whether or not it ought to become a permanent feature of Clash Royale – and if yes, in what kind?
This is the major question we are going to be asking ourselves following the “Summer of 2v2”, so please do not hesitate to tell us what you think on the forums or reddit!

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