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On this site we will talk about Idle Balls . If you do not already know, Idle Balls is IAP App. You can Download Idle Balls for free and install and play without spending any money. but Idle Balls developers, will give Idle Balls with multiple ads as earnings, and sell diamonds or other in-game purchase tools. So, developers do not provide tips and tricks to multiply diamonds or coins, except just by buying and playing Idle Balls it continuously. If you are looking for a hack or cheat code to multiply diamonds and coins, stop looking for them, because they are not allowed by developers. if you find cheat Idle Balls or Idle Balls mod, it’s all illegal. (if you want to discuss mod and cheat for Idle Balls , let’s discuss in youtube comment, facebook, and our site.

I think playing Idle Balls using mod and cheat, makes us quickly bored, and do not want to play Idle Balls again. besides, let’s think twice, if we use cheat and mod, it means we hurt the developer, meaning we can not sitereciate the work of others. therefore, let’s play Idle Balls , seriously, without cheat, and without code. (if you want to discuss mod and cheat for Idle Balls , let’s discuss in youtube comment, facebook, and our site). We will give you some tips and guides to win the game quickly. Listen and read on tips and guides to play Idle Balls :

First you must be excited about playing Idle Balls , do not be lazy and keep trying. if you think playing Idle Balls is useless, you are wrong. by playing Idle Balls , you can earn real money. because Idle Balls is a very pupolar game now, you can record and apload to youtube. and earn money from youtube.




Most Point Of Game.

The more balls you have on the screen, the faster you can deal big damage to those numbered spheres. Of course, it’s good to update a few balls, but ultimately, you want to unlock new balls to add to your collection.

At all times, spend money on new balls, not on updates. Each ball has a different circle that will make you think that larger ones are better, but sometimes small – that’s exactly what you need to get to these tricky corners.

As you progress, you will want to update your strong balls, but do not really bother spending money on early add-ons. Soon they become a waste of time and money when you are against high levels.


Important notes

Tapping is easy to ignore part of the game. Clicking on the sphere deals damage, allowing you to quickly and cheaply upgrade your power.

In particular, at an early stage you want your pushing force to be high enough. Even later, though, it is useful when you need to tackle the difficult achievement of an orb.

You can use a few fingers! Reset the screen like a madman, using as many fingers as possible to cope with different spheres simultaneously. It soon develops, but watch your finger.

Pressing is especially useful when you are almost finished level. It’s great to destroy the stragglers, and not wait until the balls hit the target.




See ads

Viewing ads is boring, but is a key way to unlock cool add-ons in Idle Balls.

First, this is the only way to get your winnings. See the total amount of the bank in the upper right corner? Click to see a quick ad and make money to buy an update or three. Do not do this too often, since you will be bored. Wait, when the bank will earn you all the important new balls.

Every time you return to the game, you unlock a lot of offline income. This can be doubled by viewing the advertisement. It’s boring, of course, but it’s of great importance for your income.

Also, see the ads to unlock the promotion. One impulse doubles your income within four hours, while the other gives a 10-fold value for the cranes within 20 seconds. It’s pretty cool when you double the balls for a minute. If you have time, review all the ads. A short time? Concentrate on doubling your income.

Offline earnings are excellent, but do not rely on them. This does not help you unlock new levels. You will always be on the stage where you left the game. Do not forget to check often and hang a little while working on unlocking a new stage.

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