Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tricks

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I think playing Heroes Evolved using mod and cheat, makes us quickly bored, and do not want to play Heroes Evolved again. besides, let’s think twice, if we use cheat and mod, it means we hurt the developer, meaning we can not sitereciate the work of others. therefore, let’s play Heroes Evolved , seriously, without cheat, and without code. (if you want to discuss mod and cheat for Heroes Evolved , let’s discuss in youtube comment, facebook, and our site). We will give you some tips and guides to win the game quickly. Listen and read on tips and guides to play Heroes Evolved :

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Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tricks

Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tricks

1. Concentrate on mastering the hero. Please do not get me wrong when I’m talking about the focus, it’s not about not playing all the available heroes, but most of the time you spend with the hero who likes the style of the game, and the mechanic works for you. You do not have to master all the characters at the same time, even in ESport. Most players use the same hero in the league, based on the current meta and team composition. This is necessary, especially if you are playing in the leaderboard, where you must use your best choice. When you master the hero, you benefit from mechanics, forecasting, crawling, assembling, team synergy and opposition. Just train the same hero in several matches, until you feel the ability to use it against different opponents.


2. Practice of an ideal creep evaluation (CS). This is necessary when playing MOBA, as this is very important in the game. You do not need to miss the last blow. There are tricks to get the most CS in the MOBA, and this, mastering your hero as what we mentioned above, counteracting your opponent and building an acquaintance.

To master your hero, you get an idea of ​​how much damage you can make, to the level and the item that you use. Just play with a few or even hundreds of matches with the hero to help you master the latest creaks. To encounter the enemy, you need to gain a lot of experience to learn the abilities of your opponent CS. This will help you when you are doing CS, or when you need a kite / attack. And for the assembly, you have to experiment with the assembly that suits you best. Now play with the same assembly at different matches to understand the damage to each of your builds. Keep in mind that different objects cause different damage, which gives you another experience in CS.


3. Do not stretch too much from your tower. This is a common mistake for players who think they dominate in an alley. There are circumstances that can expand you, but in general it will be better if you remain modest on the track with your tower. The longer you stretch, the better your opponent’s chance to defeat you. Being the main jungler, it’s enough to take advantage of Laner, who exhausted his tower too much.

Now for tricks on not getting extended too much, you must not hit creeps unless this s a last hit for CS. But this is not hitting anything at all as you need to put difference on their life as you don’t want to let them slain at the same time. You need to provide time for you to kill them one by one with no miss.


Heroes Evolved Strategy Guides and Tricks


4. Stick to your role. Most MOBA include Heroes Evolved, there are 5 roles players must play, such as Carry, Jungler, Burst, Support, Tank. If you are playing as a transfer, you need to act as a transfer. This is the most useful role in the game, but also the most difficult, since everyone in the team is looking for you. You must do the best damage in the game, because you are the arsenal of the team. Together with the transfer – this is support that will help you throughout the game. Support must choose a hero who does not depend on the subject, but with good utility. If you support, you need to focus on the transfer. Complete your migration and protect it from the threat. Now for the jungler, which is my main role, since I found this very interesting, you need to have a map control, a good jungle knows where the location of the enemy’s jungle is. You should know the cooldown of all neutral creeps and buffs. Jungler should choose a hero who is good at CC, because you need it to defeat the enemy. For tanks, you are the initiator of a team, you must be good at making decisions. As a good tank, you must have control when or not to encounter. There are many that you need to think about in this decision, and, ironically, you need to decide quickly how an enemy team can decide whether they attack you or not. And for a splash, it’s a hero who relies on instant damage, which can destroy an enemy or a tank or carry. Just like wearing, they come squishy, ​​so they need protection too. A good explosion can be considered in positioning and goal. You must deal instant damage to multiple targets. You need good positioning to do this, as well as deciding whether to wait for the right moment to use your splash skill.

Now with the idea of ​​each role, I think you will perform your task on the assigned role that you play in order to get the most benefit from your champion. All roles are important, so important as you play your game. It’s the same with mastering your character, I also advise you to master the role, so everything will be easy from decision-making, kiting, positioning, ganking, etc. This will bring you collective work, as it is difficult for every member of the team to perform their role, which will be the result of teamwork.


5. In all circumstances, there is no ideal assembly or team. I said that you need to master the hero, but this applies not only to one hero, but also to the creation. Mastering the hero will diversify everything, including how you create it, and the fact in the MOBA game, there is no ideal assembly or team that works under any circumstances. You have to play based on your team, game style and how your opponent acts on him. If you see that your team consists of a soft hero, you need to work with the objects of the tanks and vice versa. Now, to make a command, I recommend this setting: Tank, Crowd Control, DPS and Burst. You must diversify your team with these 4 aspects. You do not have to focus on controlling the crowd, which will suffer from your damage. Too great damage is also not very good in a collision where there is no filler for transport or tanks to start a fight. Mastering is the adaptation of various circumstances in the game, using all the factors based on which hero you play and the opponent against whom you are against.

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