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Netflix is ​​a service that lets users watch favorite shows anywhere, anytime, and almost any media (smartphones, smartTV, tablets, PCs and laptops).
Netflix is ​​like a DVD rental store, but offers digital movies in cyberspace. Netflix can also be equated with paid video services on YouTube.Heart is not it?

Netflix is ​​clean from advertising, customers do not have to wait for television broadcasting schedules, and can decide for themselves what content they want to enjoy.
Ease is paid at a relatively cheap subscription price. Starting from Rp 109.000, users can access the collection of movies and television series collected in the Netflix library.
Condition, the user must have a quality internet network and preferably with unlimited quota. Because, Netflix carry the streaming mechanism, or you have to spend a few more quotas.
Then what’s the difference Netflix with a similar streaming service like Google Play Movie and iFlix? First, Netflix is ​​the pioneer of online movie rental services. Established since 1997, Netflix accommodates the most complete archive of films with the most operational areas.
With high Internet penetration, similar services have emerged with some modifications and market significance. In other words, Netflix is ​​one of the best.
For example Google Play Movies that specifically target Android and Chrome users. Pay-per-view or pay-per-view mechanism. While Netflix is ​​an on-demand service or paying subscriptions every month with no restrictions on the film being watched.

If you have considered giving Netflix an explosion and have £ 5.99 per month (or decide to undergo a free one month trial), you may want instructions on various ways to watch it. Here’s our guide on this issue, which will be very helpful to you, do not ignore this:

1. Netflix list

Using Netflix you must first register. This can be done through various devices that you can view, or you can go online and do so from the Netflix website. Since this is a monthly service, you must enter your card details.
You need to choose a password and email address to gain access to Netflix on any device and then fill in other fields. Try to choose difficult keywords.

If your finances are good and everything will be so much better, you have to get up and walk in no time.
Netflix registration page

2.Television smart

Have a smart TV? It’s possible that you can watch Netflix without an external device. A smart TV will have an already installed or downloadable Netflix app.
If the app is pre-installed you should find it and run it. There should be a button that takes you to the smart TV menu. Here you can choose to run the app and then, when prompted, enter your email address and password.

If the app is missing or you can not find it, you can try to search it if the smart TV has a search function. Fail to do it, go to your TV app store and then search for Netflix.

One important thing to note. Netflix requires a broadband connection with a certain speed, otherwise it will stop a lot. But more importantly, make sure your TV is connected via an ethernet cable (which you plug into the router) or WiFi (smart TVs tend to have built-in wireless connectivity). No connection, no ability to download Netflix app.

3.Mobile devices

Netflix is ​​available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone as apps. It’s free to download. You need a tablet or smartphone connected to the internet either through a WiFi router, 4G / 3G or a wireless dongle. If you are expert in this case, you will be asked to enter login details when you first fill out the application.

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