Get off to a flying start in the latest in EA Sports American football

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Get off to a flying start at the Most Up-to-date in EA Sports’ American football series

Master the new passing controls

Ever since Madden began there have been two standard pass types – the fast bullet pass and the high lob pass.  Madden 16 adds three more.  The touch pass (press the receiver button twice) lies somewhere in between, offering more height than a bullet pass but more speed than a lob.  It’s ideal for mid-range throws.  Meanwhile, the high pass (hold LB/L1 while throwing) ensures your receiver gets the ball high and has to jump for it, while the low pass (hold LT/L2) makes sure the receiver gets the ball low and has to drop down to catch it.  Depending on the situation, each can make it harder for the defence to get near the ball.

Learn the new receiving options

Passing the ball is one thing, but someone has to catch it too.  Madden 16 has changed the receiving system, now giving you three different ways to catch the ball.  Hold X/Square to do a ‘run afterwards’ grab, making your recipient run ahead as he grabs the ball.  This can help you gain additional yards but leaves you more receptive to get a fumble or interception.  Hold Y/Triangle to carry out a competitive grab, leaping high and catching the ball whilst leaning back to get from the defender’s way.  These may avoid interceptions, but can also be more difficult to catch.  At length, hold A/X to get a possession grab, where your recipient protects the ball with your own or her body.  This is the most powerful grab from the sport but it’s unlikely you’re going to have the ability to run on for any more yards after getting it.

Play some simple practice matches

Training drills can allow you to get accustomed to the controls but they can not really prepare one for taking part in a real game: there is much more pressure along with your players are more vulnerable to mistakes compared to near-perfect players you obtain during coaching.  To ease yourself into the match, after that, play some exhibition games on Rookie problem.  We also advocated playing as the New England Patriots (among the greatest teams in the sport) from the Tennessee Titans (the worst team in the sport) so it is as simple for you as possible, then begin playing progressively harder teams.  Do not hesitate to correct the game sliders since you won’t enhance this way: when you finally begin playing online they will not be legitimate and you will want to relearn the default option mechanisms.

Use your trainer’s suggestions

The formation pick screen could be pretty intimidating in the event you have not played with an American football match before.  Until you get the hang of the different formations work it is ideal to go with the Coach’s Suggestion alternative instead.  Here your helper will decide on several plays for you and describe why they’re worth opting for: perhaps they have been especially successful for your group before, or perhaps the opposing group’s proven to fight together.  Proceed with all these plays and over time you will find out that work best for you: you can then manually pick them if you see fit.

Discover new gamers in Draft Champions

As soon as you correctly enter things you might want to get stuck into Ultimate Team style.  But with all these players at the NFL it might take a very long time to select which players it is well worth going for in auctions.  The newest Draft Champions manner will help you out with this by permitting you to draft a group made of randomly chosen, high quality players and hard one to conquer as many teams as you can.  Try it a couple of times as well as if a specially participant’s fashion clicks along with you, that is who to conserve your Ultimate Team auction coins to get.

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