FREE Apps Snapchat:New Guide,Tips,and Tricks for Beginner

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Snapchat is a very popular mobile image and multimedia messaging app, and the creators of the Apps are Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, a former student at Stanford University, and developed by Snap Inc., formerly Snapchat Inc .. One of Snapchat’s main concepts is that pictures and messages are only available for a short time, do not waste this !. Started as “Picaboo”, the idea is to create a selfie app that lets users share short-lived images and delete them on their own, Unique apps !.
Maybe This app is a bit strange to some people, and who already know may need some Tips to use wisdom.Since that I will give you some Tips and Guide using Snapchat:

1.Learn Snapchat Language

Snap: Snap is a picture or video that you send to one or more of your friends. In 10 seconds this photo will be lost. But you can repeat it once more, so do it with the right choice.

Story: The Snapchat Story section displays the photos and videos you want to share with all your

Snapchat friends. You can also see your friend’s story, swipe to the left! And you can see your friend’s story.
Snapchat Score: It is located under your profile name, otherwise known as Snapchat score, based on the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received.

Filter: Snap Filter is a fun way to enliven your Snaps by adding overlays. Filters may change based on special events or holidays, locations, or time.

Lens snap: If you use a lens, then you can add special effects to your photos or stories.

Geofilter: This is a unique filter for your current location. To enable Geofilters, you must enable your location in Snapchat.

Snapcode: QR code is your unique Snapchat profile. Assigned to all users, Snapcode is a quick and easy way to add friends in Snapchat.

Self-auto code: from the name, you probably already know, will be visible to all your friends and other Snapchatters who find you in this app.

Chat: Snapchat version of instant messenger. Message lost after view. If you take a screenshot of a chat, other users will be notified.

Memories: You can see your memories here.
2.How to set up your Snapchat account

-Download the free Snapchat app.Can be in Appstore or Google Play.

-Create an account. Open the Snapchat app and tap “Sign up.” Fill in some questions.

-Create a username. Snapchat will display the name of the available user after you type what you want.

-Verify that you are a human being. Snapchat requires that you perform the verification process to ensure that automatic accounts are not created. This is normal on all social media.

-Scan of your contacts. Snapchat will automatically scan your contact list for people who have made their Snapcode searchable. Add people you want to make friends with Snapchat. Once they add you back, you can swap Snaps. If you do not want to be visible to your contacts, you can change your privacy settings.

-Take self Snapcode. Just tap and snapcode will appear. Tap on the camera and it will take five photos, which will appear in a sequence for your profile picture. (Remember, this can be seen by anyone who tries to add you, so keep it up!)

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