Fisheye Camera Pro Review – TIPS How to use better.

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The camera on the smartphone is something that should be there in smartphone. In fact, almost all mobile phones now have a camera. So that a large company trying hard to make them more reliable camera, works better in low light, and add features that people want. Many will base their purchasing decisions on the strength of the camera. Of course, the experience has the potential to be improved with the right camera app that can add extra features that make things work a little better. But not all applications created to work well like this fisheye.

One of the biggest improvements I have seen in Android over the last two years is a camera application. So if you’re looking for a camera replacement app, where should you go with? That’s a very good question because there are dozens, if not hundreds, here is a review and some tips on using the fish eye:
Holla friends ! Do you want to make stunning Fisheye photos for Instagram? Now I will bring to you a very usefull app. So, you dont have to buy a fisheye. You just need to download an app on playstore. This app is Fisheye Camera Pro.

READ DESCRIPTION OF Fisheye Camera Below :
fisheye Camera – Pro fish eye Lens with Live lense Filter Effect Editor

Boring with normal camera in taking photos and selfies? fisheye Camera gives you a cool way to take your beautiful photos with nice fish eye effect! It also comes with live filters for you to directly see the effects before taking your photos! Download fisheye Camera with all the pro filter features for free now and give yourself a try in taking nice and beautiful photos and selfies!

For all Instagram users, Fisheye Camera Prois now available with square format. 170-degree wise-angle view and fisheye distortion with unique film effects. KEY FEATURES. Emulation of 170 degree wide-angle fisheye lens. 4 professional fisheye lenses. Dozens of lomo effects.

This is the step for using Fisheye Camera Pro:
1. Process photos from gallery.
2. Switch between front camera and rear camera.
3. Switch flashlight to ON/OFF/AUTO mode.
4. For every camera there are 12 effects. Cross process. Push process. Black & White. Old Photo. Vintage. Sepia. Rusty. Polaroid. Paper. Dreams. Film.
5. Share your photo with Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Evernote and others.
6. IMPORTANT: to post photos to Instagram please make sure that you have Instagram app installed at your phone.
7. Please make sure that you don’t have ‘not enough space’ icon. In some cases the app can run incorrectly.
These are the photos result of Fisheye Camera Pro :

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Hope you enjoy Fisheye Camera Pro!’
Final Words!
So this is the review and some tips on using fish eye better. There are many several more. However they are very simple and do not need any explanation to understand. So it is better to try their own. Finally, if you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate and let me know in the comment box below.

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