Dragon Samurai Cheats, Hack & Guide

Dragon Samurai : MOD APK Hack Unlimited Android iOS.

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On this site we will talk about Dragon Samurai . If you do not already know, Dragon Samurai is IAP App. You can Download Dragon Samurai for free and install and play without spending any money. but Dragon Samurai developers, will give Dragon Samurai with multiple ads as earnings, and sell diamonds or other in-game purchase tools. So, developers do not provide tips and tricks to multiply diamonds or coins, except just by buying and playing Dragon Samurai it continuously. If you are looking for a hack or cheat code to multiply diamonds and coins, stop looking for them, because they are not allowed by developers. if you find cheat Dragon Samurai or Dragon Samurai mod, it’s all illegal. (if you want to discuss mod and cheat for Dragon Samurai , let’s discuss in youtube comment, facebook, and our site.


Dragon Samurai Cheats, Hack & Guide


I think playing Dragon Samurai using mod and cheat, makes us quickly bored, and do not want to play Dragon Samurai again. besides, let’s think twice, if we use cheat and mod, it means we hurt the developer, meaning we can not sitereciate the work of others. therefore, let’s play Dragon Samurai , seriously, without cheat, and without code. (if you want to discuss mod and cheat for Dragon Samurai , let’s discuss in youtube comment, facebook, and our site). We will give you some tips and guides to win the game quickly. Listen and read on tips and guides to play Dragon Samurai :


First you must be excited about playing Dragon Samurai , do not be lazy and keep trying. if you think playing Dragon Samurai is useless, you are wrong. by playing Dragon Samurai , you can earn real money. because Dragon Samurai is a very pupolar game now, you can record and apload to youtube. and earn money from youtube.

Dragon Samurai Cheats, Hack & Guide


Dragon Samurai Cheats, Hack & Guide


  • Brief introduction.

We jump right into the distinctive classes and strive to give our authors a proper idea of ​​the available saints and help them choose the right class, since there is no other way to transform them later. on. You must start all over again from the very beginning, keeping an eye on the ultimate goal of changing the class, which will result in a huge loss of everything that you have acquired or received in the last understanding of Depth.

So, how about the top of the line, which is a fortune-teller, she is a secretive young lady with a supernatural wand, her main quality indicator is the AOE attack and the ability to defeat her rivals from a not too bad range. Nevertheless, this class is still lacking, which are low barrier and control structures, so that they can be better understood to accurately understand the pros and cons.


  • Disadvantages and disadvantages of each class.

The most intriguing part is the realization that pleasure depends on the correct structure that each RPG adheres to, so it does not leave corner balls for us through any extension of the imagination.

Previously, we talked about a low level of protection and low control, and therefore the choice of hand-to-hand falsifiers is such a terrible idea. You must stay away from your opponent and try to knock him down as soon as you have the opportunity. ends at the point of no return.


  • Shogun power.

Moving to the shogun, free, energetic and gullible, but deadly in every fight. This legend with its dueling swords is ready to knock everyone out in a battle with each other, so let’s pick them up for PvP and any other purposes, but then we will not register PVPs to take this class. Likewise, the range is OK, but the AOE is terribly terrible and is not offered for tracking conditions.


  • Only the clever become villains.

The second class is a rebel, agile and adaptable, even incredible dead with their attack, an exceptionally sturdy, stubborn young lady who knows how to eliminate enemies, she will kill you even before you see her return for your neck.

You must consciously use this saint because of his low resistance and range, so you can turn yourself into a simple trick for everyone, so we really add this legend as one of the most difficult legends in distraction. in case you knew how to play a rebel.


  • Transform the front fighter with an outstanding warrior.

To pack the vanguard, a strong man with two swords, warriors, reliably set the leading edge in the battle zone.

Currently, we see that this is the ideal class for those who are looking for cautious solutions, and also receives AOE and control in abnormal states. Select this sign for the unlikely fact that you are new because we can not specify. that you need certain levels of skill to play at the best level, as well as through hacking, tricks, tips and advice for the dragon samurai, we expect that you will immediately complete the scale of the Crusade.

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