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This is a follow up to my previous article on the Best Way to set up the SuperStar SMTOWN program ( HERE ).

But I may also be discussing a few useful tips here too!

Mod Apk SuperStar SMTOWN

They are decent. .

To rank high, I essentially play the exact same five songs every week that I understand get me lots of points.

That is exactly what my weekly standing scores generally look like!

Since I know these tunes score me the greatest, I perform with them!  In addition, I play on hard since it scores one of the most… but ordinary is very good to start off with!

It requires training to score large and never miss any on tough… but again practice makes perfect!

A Couple of hints:

1.  Concentrate on your decks which are more powerful, in case you’ve rhythm things to spare and cards, then update the better decks to score more.

2.  In case you’ve got same kind same grade cards, then save them!  Do not rely on them to update your own cards (well unless you truly need to), however when you fully load a card up (5 stars), then you must “upgrade” that card… and the only real means to do so would be to get an alternate 5 star same tier same kind card.

3.  Be aware of promos and events at which it is easy to get higher rated cards or even diamonds!
Mod Apk SuperStar SMTOWN

5.  To get more rhythm points, you may even “trash” your cards that depending on the caliber, you receive points for… I do not suggest this since you hardly get anything out of it haha!  But totally your decision!

6.  Rank in the top 3 per week and you’ll recieve diamonds.

7.  Rank in the upper 5 per week and you’re going to move up a course (I am now Platinum two).  But keep in mind that competition gets harder as well!
Mod Apk SuperStar SMTOWN
8.  Rank at the base 5 and you’re going to go down a position!

9.  You receive rhythm points each week should you move up a course or remain the same!

10.  Complete missions to acquire additional rhythm stage along with a card!

11.   You are going to receive cards which way and boost your scores!
I will state it again, I have not spent a dime with this game, I got all of my cards through playing frequently and obtaining cards/points to update my cards!  Occasions helped also, if you receive such and diamonds you can get card packs with greater rank cards.
I will essentially get 3 stars on most of the tunes!  Surely on Easy and Normal… Hard, you will find a few that I can not appear to find each one, however I could and have handed all available songs!

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