Cookie Jam - Free Match 3 Puzzle Game (8)

Cookie Jam Free Match 3 Puzzle Game : CHEATS,Tips and Strategies.

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Cookie Jam Blast plays with the rules.  And that is fine, since it does exactly what you would expect a sweet-based stuff-matcher to perform.  You move yummy snacks across a grid, linking them in packages of 3 or more to clean them.

But there is a little more going on here than this, and therefore we thought it’d be sensible to provide you a rest down of all you want to know more about the game.  In the end, you do not need your buddies lording it on you concerning their candy crushing abilities.  Ahem.
Cookie Jam - Free Match 3 Puzzle Game (8)
The Basics
Match things — At its simplest level, the sport is all about fitting things in groups of three.  That is exactly what you will do at each one of the levels.  But that does not mean that you should only be focusing on acquiring those threes.  Far from it in fact.
Over just three — Matching things in bigger groups will provide you special tiles which you could use to good effect.  Some will clear entire lines, others are going to set bombs off.  Learn which match-kinds provide you exactly what bonus and you will be well set.
Match the bonuses — If you have got two bonus bits beside one another, you can match them to good effect.  They do not have to be exactly the exact same color, either.
Hints and Tips
The kitchen — The kitchen is where it is possible to consume tasty goodies.  You are going to receive components in a number of ways, but if you make items, you will also find additional rewards which can assist you in the sport.  Check back regularly to see whether you’ve got sufficient to make something fresh.
It is going to provide you lots of ingredients to perform with from the kitchen.  If you have just got a few stars on a previous degree it is sometimes worth going back to receive all of them.
Conserve your specials — You’ll receive special moves which you may play at the beginning of a game.  Do not throw them away immediately.  Rather save them for when you have already lost a lifetime on a degree and feel as if you may need a little help getting it completed.

Cookie Jam - Free Match 3 Puzzle Game (8)
Advanced Strategies
Leave it somewhat — If you are stuck on a flat occasionally it is well worth putting down the game and doing something different.  Usually once you return the amount will be a little bit easier and you’re going to do it.
Do not make that game — Just because the sport is showing you where there is a game, does not mean that you ought to make it.  Examine the grid for some other matches until you commit — there may be something which’s likely to work better for you.

Cookie Jam - Free Match 3 Puzzle Game (8)

Do not invest coins — Don’t throw your coins at second goes unless you are desperate.  It is rare that those additional five movements will help you out that far.  If you are confident that you can finish the level with them then do it, otherwise save the money for when you actually need it.

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