MOD APK merge town (4)

CHEATS Merge Town 2.4.55. latest version (How to unlimited money)

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Merge Town is a brand new building-merging puzzle game to your own iOS and Android platforms.   It’s possible to combine two buildings to make a higher-level construction, and via this particular mechanic you’ll be able to unlock infinite buildings, and even new areas and new cities.

MOD APK merge town (4)

The major factor that distinguishes this from similar games is that the advancement and also level-up mechanics.  Every time you mix, you will get experience points.  Merging two level-one homes will make you one experience point, consolidating two level-2 homes will make you two experience points, etc and so forth.  Every time that you get an experience level, you will unlock a new place, and the further new areas you’ve got, the easier it is to construct more mixes and allow the homes develop with time.

MOD APK merge town (4)

Since you unlock more homes, you will discover more innovative homes in the store.  That is exactly what the money that you build up is used for; so which it is possible to hasten the purchase of new buildings, rather than needing to wait forever so as to acquire the next greatest combinations moving.

As soon as you level up enough and unlock sufficient fresh places, you will have the ability to play at a brand new city.  You are able to change over to the new city and start off using new kinds of buildings.  It’ll play exactly the identical manner, and it’ll have a new sort of money, therefore it will not be transferrable, but it is excellent to try to kill the time and allow the cash build up on your old city.

The advertisements can become extremely annoying, because they perform every time you enter the store (which makes it impossible to fill every one of your places with innovative houses) and if you enter into a new city.  If you would like to eliminate the advertisements for awhile, then throw your telephone or tablet into plane mode, and then return to the match and you will have the ability to play with ad-free.

MOD APK merge town (4)
Before you do this however, make the most of each of the voluntary advertising offers that seem.  As an instance, you can double your earnings following a time of being offline by viewing a movie, or you’ll be able to double your earnings for 2 hours while enjoying actively by viewing a movie.  You could even obtain certain buildings at no cost by viewing a video at the shop, too.

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