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Cooking Fever will test your reflexes and how well you do under pressure. Here, we will help you, to win this game easily, and keep the best restaurants. We will give you some tips and hints in New Cheats Cooking Fever 2017.
Cooking Fever is a game that has RPG-style upgrade, frenzied action and visual effects that are fresh, so the game is different from other cooking games.
In Cooking Fever, to win in Cooking Fever, you must to prepare all kinds of food and serve them to your customers. You have to make a profit and grow your business. Perhaps it was quite difficult, if you do not read the New Cheats Cooking Fever 2017.
If you are beginner to Cooking Fever, you may need to Tips & Tricks, Cheats or guide to New Cooking Fever in 2017, to help you get more gems and coins.
Learn how to get better at Cooking Fever with the help of this game guide. Read and understand it every point of New Cheats Cooking Fever 2017 below:

The First is Prepare Your Food.

The first tip in cooking fever cheats, before customers began flocking your restaurant, you should Have you ready some food items. It is expected that there warmers to keep food at the right temperature, so that customers do not complain about the food is pre-prepared.

You get the same amount of coins, Do you cook an hour ago or five minutes ago, was not affected. You do not have to worry about preparing drinks in advance, if the drink refills itself, so do it. At the beginning of fever cooking game, you will have limited cooking equipment for food such as hamburgers and hot dogs. This is the kind of food you need to prepare before the customers start coming.
You should always try to have one sitting. Do not worry about letting them get cold, because there is no penalty for leaving food items.

Conclusion: to level faster to get more gems and coins Reduce customer waiting time.

Upgrade Kitchen And Restaurant.

The second tip in cooking fever cheats, upgrade your kitchen, The purpose of the upgrade is to increase capacity of the kitchen to cook, you will be able to cook several foods at once.
You will have the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen when you are done with a one level. How to upgrade fever proper cooking? You can sell old equipment and used the money to do the job upgrade, you can also use the cash you have earned so far as to buy a more efficient cooking appliances.

In addition to upgrading your kitchen, you should upgrade your restaurant, to make your customers comfortable and happy, is the purpose of upgrading your restaurant. Cooking fever has 8 restaurants locations: Fast-Food, Sushi, Breakfast Cafe, pizzerias, Chinese, Bakery, India and China. Install new bar stools, tables, televisions and ball discount in all these locations. Each upgrade will make your restaurant’s reputation will increase. Your customers would tip you, talk about the restaurant’s other customers and expand your customer base.

Back level with a low score

Third Tip in cooking fever cheats, aims to get the greatest value out of them, back level with a low score, You will get extra coins and gems that you can use to do a second tip in cooking cheat fever, namely upgrade your kitchen and restaurant. You can also get experience points and gold stars that come with the bonus.


We recommend that you leave money on the table

We found the tip that has not been known to most people in the play cooking fever, do not collect the customer’s money left after you serve them, when you feel like there are too many customers come and you can not prepare enough food to keep up with them. Use this time (when the money left on the table, new customers can not take that space), to give yourself some breathing room and prepare a batch of food for the next wave.


Get more gems

You will reward with about 1-5 gem every time you level up, so you will get natural gems as you progress through the game. Do not worry about spending real money to get them, just keep playing the game.

Final Words!

So these are the best our tips and strategies you must know. There are plenty of few more. However they are very simple and doesn’t need any explanation to understand. So better try them yourself. Finally if you have any query or doubt, don’t hesitate and let me know in below comment box.

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