Cards and Castles The Ultimate Tips Cheats and Strategy Guide

Cards and Castles : Cheats Tips Tricks and Strategy Guide

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Turn-based plan and card collecting unite with each other to create for one special game!  Cards and Castles is precisely that: construct your own deck by collecting a variety of cards and play with them out at a grid-based plan game.

Cards and Castles The Ultimate Tips Cheats and Strategy Guide
Cards and Castles is a expansive card collecting game, so there is a lot to handle here.  
1.  Complete situations to unlock new card kinds!
For your first two or three scenario assignments, you’ll be given with a pre-built deck.  When you fill out the intro quests, then you’ll unlock the Pirate class cards.  If you discover, you will notice that every type of chapters is called after the card type you will unlock for beating each of the class.  As an instance, the following set of chapters is known as “Warlocks Unlock”.  Obviously, so as to construct your deck to the fullest, you are likely to have to keep playing through these situations!  Bear in mind though that you will only have the ability to utilize two factions for a single deck.
2.  Finish the quests!
Besides completing games, you may even get new cards with CP you get.  CP can also be gained from finishing games, but you might also get them out of performing your quests.   They generally have some type of objective you need to fill, such as play certain number of games.  Make sure to also check the everyday prices, where you are able to purchase certain cards for CP.

Cards and Castles The Ultimate Tips Cheats and Strategy Guide
3.  Master the various card factions!
Every faction has another specialization you’ll be able to make the most of.

Vikings: True to their roots, the viking cards concentrate on brute power.  In here you may find unit cards using high end strike power, attack power enthusiast cards, and unit fan cards coping with breeze knockback and area strikes.
Crusaders: The crusaders are sacred warriors that struggle with the light in their side.  Their cards include defense-oriented forms, also there are lots of healing/regeneration spell cards also.
Pirates fight like the way you picture these too: filthy and full of tips.   As an extra bonus, they also have some gold-related cards which assist you with golden earnings, since you understand pirates enjoy their plunder!
Warlocks: Mages who’ve mastered the harmful arts, warlocks include mortal place attack cards.   The Pyromancer unit card basic attack does damage in a small place, damaging all nearby enemies.
Cards such as Shadow Katana, Stance of those Swift Mantis, also Lunge boost motion.  They also have access to sneaky surprises which are unique to them, like the Vanish card, which may return unit cards that you have played back into your hands.

Cards and Castles The Ultimate Tips Cheats and Strategy Guide
These cards normally don’t have any special bonuses, but it does not mean that they can not maintain their own!  These cards are normally used for filler when you’ve got no more of your faction cards to match your deck with.

Remember: you can just use up to 2 faction cards for one deck, not counting cards that are impartial.  Experiment and look for the faction which works for your playstyle!
4.  Capture towers!
On certain levels, there’ll be towers.  Based upon the degree, the majority of the time they’ll be grayed out, under no one’s hands.  Whichever side attacks and beats the tower will allow it to be realign itself with this particular group.  As soon as an enemy walks inside space of these towers, they’ll be assaulted!  These are excellent for additional defense, just make sure not to allow the enemy get control of those.  Even if they do, then they are sometimes taken back by beating them once more.  Do notice, however, that if a tower has been crushed by an attack charm rather than a device, the tower will be ruined.

Cards and Castles The Ultimate Tips Cheats and Strategy Guide
5.  Stick to the situations before you leap online!
As fascinating as it seems, it is ideal to finish a few of the situations before you handle playing against the other participant.  Your starter deck includes just the basics inside, and also to grow further, you want to advance through the situations.  Be patient!

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