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Best App 2017:WhatsApp Messenger

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WhatsApp has been receiving new amazing features to create messaging a breeze to consumers.  While its use isn’t without controversy, there are lots of perks which makes it a powerful contender in the messaging programs arena.

mod apk whatsapp messenger apk

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In this informative article, we’ll be taking a look at the hints, tricks and hacks users may use to for utilizing WhatsApp just like a pro.

WhatsApp lets you format your messages exactly the same manner as you format text in almost any word processor, say Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  It is possible to _italicize_, *bold~ or ~strikethrough~ some part or all of your message.  For much more on this, have a look at this post.

Use WhatsApp at a Web Browser
WhatsApp includes an internet browser version that may be linked to a own mobile.  After that you can sort out and read all of your messages on your PC or notebook.
mod apk whatsapp messenger apk
To utilize WhatsApp Web, in your PC or notebook, visit in an internet browser.  On your mobile device, start WhatsApp and click on the Options button in the top right hand side, and then tap WhatsApp Web from the choices.  Then using your own phone, scan the QR code displayed on the browser on your PC.
Use WhatsApp at a Web Browser

Your telephone will be linked to a PC’s WhatsApp and you’ll be able to begin messaging away as you would in your mobile phone.  You simply have to do this once and it’s possible to be attached on as many desktop computer devices as you’d like.

All of the messages will probably be sync’ed across the board on all connected devices.  To log from all connected devices, simply return to the Options > WhatsApp Web page and select Log out from all servers.

The fantastic thing about WhatsApp Web is that you get in your PC anything you get on your cellphone through WhatsApp.  This makes it a very great tool to move pictures or screenshots from the cellphone to your desktop computer without using wires.

Simply send the picture to some of your buddies in your phone, then in your PC, start your WhatsApp Web to recover the picture file.

It’s possible to maintain a backup or copy a dialog to your own email.  To accomplish this, open the conversation that you need to store.  Click Options > More > Email chat.  Adhere to the onscreen instructions.

Be aware which you want to replicate each dialog individually and while you have two choices to send the dialogue (with or without networking), then you may just send up to 40,000 messages maximum.

Backup Chats into Local or Cloud Storage

Aside from email, copies can be achieved to storage too.  To backup for a device’s local storage in addition to cloud storage, i.e., Google Drive onto Android system and iCloud onto iOS apparatus, open the program and then go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup and tap on BACK UP.
mod apk whatsapp messenger apk

Backup Chats into Local or Cloud Storage
You already know that gray ticks means that the message was delivered and blueticks demonstrate that the message was read.  In fact, there’s an alternative that provides you the specific timestamp of when a message was delivered and if it’s been read.

To observe the Message data screen and assess the routed message’s details, start a conversation, tap and maintain some sent message, then tap on the data (or I) button in the action bar (upper).
Know when Message obtained Read

WhatsApp brings search feature to search for messages easily, but then also it is far better to indicate significant messages as preferred for them immediately when required.

To mark a message as preferred: simply long press on any individual message, then tap on the star icon in the activity bar on peak of the program’s screen.

To find all of your starred messages, then click on Options from the dialog list screen > select Starred messages.

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