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Alarmy Pro-Slepp if You Can.

Alarmy Pro (Sleep If U Can) is an application that is the solution for some people who can not get up on time, even with an alarm though. This app has been made annoying to force you to move places out of bed. You organize it by registering a photo of an area or room in your home.

After you set Alarmy Pro-Slepp if You Can correctly, then you sleep, if you hear a ringer from Alarmy Pro-Slepp if You Can, then the only way out for Alarmy Pro-Slepp if You Can die is with your bagun and Moved from the bed. Even the Alarmy Pro-Slepp app if You Can is Nicknamed as “the most annoying alarm in the world”, Alarmy quickly became the favorite iPhone app among users. It has been featured on Gizmodo, Cnet, and at the Huffington Post, and is currently ranked number one in 33 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea.fantastic!

People really enjoy this annoying appliation, even Apilkasi Alarmy Pro-Slepp if You Can is used as a means of entertainment to entertain them, that is innovation dilences place to wake up.

For example, you can register the foot of the bed as your location, then you just need to get up enough to take the pic from the foot of your bed and then go back to sleep, I suggest do not do a dangerous place, because you are in a sleepy position. Of course, this completely evades the whole purpose of the app but has become a fun entertainment for many users.

Work Better Than Other Alarm Clock

Other creative locations created by users including Tv ces, bedside tables, or their own places. If you really want to get up on time, then how about registering a bathroom sink or stuff in the kitchen? If you really want to, then that would be helpful.

Although the Alarmy Pro-Slepp if You Can application is so popular and has proven to be really entertaining, it will definitely get you out of bed. If you really MUST get up just in time for an appointment with friends or a date with one of your girlfriends, then this would be the right solution.

– The Most Annoying Alarm Alarm, shown by Cnet, Gizmodo, and I think much more.
– 1 in categories in 70 countries, including Germany, France, and South Korea (AppStore), certainly for the iPhone.
– To turn it off, you have to go to place the photos and take photos.
– If you get bored, then you will hear noise all day long.

Some Tips

Great place to register: bathroom sink, shelf, desk, away from bed, roof of house, neighboring room (NO), bonfire of your house.

Bad place to register: often turns brightness, close to bed, cealing, floor, your own place, close to your hand or your head.

If the currently listed alarm image is too easy or too difficult to shut down, please try another new place. Maybe you can ask for suggestions to some of the closest people.So much and thank you.

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